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Rules of visitors

Welcome to the Musée de la Photographie de la Fédération Wallonie- Bruxelles in Charleroi.
In order to keep safety the works of art and to make your visit as pleasant as possible, may we kindly request you to abide by the following visitor regulations.

  1. Application field

    - The visitor regulations apply to all visitors to the museum and also to individuals or groups attending the library or the Café du Musée.
    The park has its own regulations.
    - By extension they also apply to individuals or groups taking part in an event organized by a third party in the museum.

  2. Access rights

    - To be allowed to enter and visit the permanent and temporary exhibitions, visitors must be in possession of a ticket they can purchase at the desk in the entrance hall of the museum where the prices are detailed.
    - Visitors should keep their ticket during the entire duration of their visit. The tickets are moreover necessary to open some doors. They may be asked to be showed at any time.
    - The tickets are time-limited: they are only valid for the entire date of purchase. If they are given to other visitors, they will not be valid anymore.

  3. Cloakrooms and luggage lockers

    - Cloakrooms and luggage lockers are available free of charge for visitor.
    - It is forbidden to visit the museum with : umbrellas, camera tripods (except if special authorization), selfie sticks, helmets, explosive, flammable or volatile substances, large bags, luggages, musical instruments, weapons.
    - Animals are forbidden to enter, except for dogs accompanying visually impaired, blind or epileptic visitors
    - Any handbag and camera bag bigger than 30x42x20cm should be left in the lockers available in the entrance hall. Plastic bags are available for free in the museum shop in order to carry your personal effects.
    - Alls sorts of bags that can be worn on your back are forbidden even if they can be worn by hands.
    - School groups should leave their belongings in specific cloakrooms at the entrance.
    - The loss of a cloakroom token will incur payment of a standard amount of 30 euros to replace this token. In this case, the visitor will only get back what he/she has left in custody against detailed description of the objects.

  4. Behavior

    - It is forbidden to eat or drink outside the Café du Musée and the winter garden, except derogation.
    - It is forbidden to smoke in the whole museum, included the winter garden.
    - In order to preserve the calm of the building and the pleasantness of the visit, the museum expects visitors to turn off their phones, to remain at all times close to their children, to stand at least one meter away from the pieces of art, cameras and sceneries.
    - Visitors must follow the instructions given by the museum staff.
    - Group visits take place under the supervision of a group leader who agrees to make sure that the visitor regulations are complied with in full, and that order and discipline are maintained in the group.

  5. Photography and filming

    - Visitors are authorized to photograph or film but, without written permission from the Museum management, it is forbidden to use flash, lamps and other lighting or sound apparatus, and to make close photographs. Photographs and films are strictly made for private use only.

  6. Safety

    - In case of emergency, visitors should leave the museum quietly by using the emergency exits visible by means of pictograms and on safety plans. Visi- tors should warn the museum staff about the loss of people as soon as possible.
    - In case of sickness, the security staff is able to provide first aid and call for assistance.

  7. Closing

    - Once the visitor hears the staff’s announcement that the museum closes its doors, he should immediately go to the entrance hall in order to make easy the staff work. The museum staff must be courteous in any circumstances, so must be the visitor to them.


We hope that you have enjoyed visiting our museum and that you will come back very soon.