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Rich in almost 13,000 titles – general works, monographs, technical treatises, etc. – and 4,000 files devoted to photographs, the library and documentation centre specialising in photography are open free of charge to researchers and photo enthusiasts for consultation. 
If you intend to visit the library or documentation centre for specific research purposes, you are advised to notify the librarians of your visit so that they may provide you with effective assistance and best respond to your needs.

Opening hours

Tuesday > thursday 9am>12:30pm-1pm>5pm

1st and 3rd saturday of the month 10am>12:30pm-1pm>6pm

Friday by appointment until 4:30pm

Closed on public holidays   

photo boutique musée

Museum Shop

Standing close to the main entrance, the Museum shop proposes the Museum’s publications and a selection of works about photography. It also proposes a range of decorative objects, gift ideas for big and small alike if you want to treat yourself or offer something to others, together with cameras and other gadgets, having a more or less direct relationship with photography, image or light.

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Opening hours

Tuesday > friday 9am>12:30pm-1pm>5pm

Saturday/Sunday/Public holidays 10am>12:30pm-1pm>6pm 

photo café musée

Museum Café

For a snack or if you simply wish to quench your thirst ... the Museum Café is there to serve you. You can choose à la carte, try our many varieties of sandwiches, salads and pasta or enjoy a selection of pastries for those of you who have a sweet tooth. The “Museum Café”, a peaceful place to take some refreshment with a terrific view over the grounds of the former Carmelite convent. For obvious organisational reasons, you are strongly advised to get in touch with the Café management beforehand if you wish to come to the Museum Café as a group. Please phone 071/43.58.10.

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Opening hours

Tuesday > friday 9am>16:45pm

Saturday/Sunday/Public holidays 10am>17:45pm                                         


Last salad and pasta service at 3 p.m

photo parc musée

Museum Grounds

The grounds cover an area of approximately 2 acres and invite you to stroll along its alleys. There is a rich variety of remarkable trees, listed in the heritage register. Furthermore, the surrounding walls of this green setting have become a backdrop, giving pride of place to the photographs exhibited in the Museum of Photography in recent years.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday

From 1 April to 15 October 

Tuesday > friday 9am>16:45pm

Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays 10am>17:45pm


From 16 October to 31 March 

Tuesday > friday 9am>16:30pm

Saturday/Sunday/Public holidays 10am>17:30pm