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03/02/24 - 26/05/24

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Ingel VAIKLA. Papagalo, What’s The Time?

Papagalo, What’s The Time? explores the architecture of the former Yugoslav pavilion at the Brussels World’s Fair (1958) in its current function as a school, the Sint-Paulus-college. The film follows a group of children playing old Yugoslav games in the building. The camera moves from the exterior
to the interior spaces, along the corridors from floor to floor, discovering the building with the group of children. Ingel Vaikla’s work creates a poetic exchange between modernist architecture and the building’s contemporary function, between moving bodies and fixed walls.

Papagalo, What’s The Time? (2022)

Director: Ingel Vaikla
Technical details: 16mm film transferred to HD video, 1440 x 1080, 4:3, colour and black/white, stereo sound, 7’00”

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Papagalo, What’s The Time? © Ingel Vaikla