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Past exhibition

Terminé le 22.05.22

Présenté dans laBoite Noire

Melanie De Biasio


As part of the “Trains & Tracks” project, Europalia invited Melanie De Biasio to create a musical composition evoking Italian immigration in the last century.
Travelling by rail, the singer wished to go back and trace the source of what Italians left behind them.
Using a portable recording studio and the period photographic equipment that she took with her, Melanie De Biasio stayed in mountain villages and collected the sights and sounds she found there.
Light, water, the warmth of stones and birdsong distil this long, dreamlike essence, un- coiling like the reverie of a child setting out on a long journey.
With Lay your ear to the rail, Melanie De Biasio has mixed sights and sounds for a first time for an ode to return, a hypnotic musing reminiscent of a landscape streaming past the train window..

Durarion 9’ 40’’

Music Pascal Paulus. Melanie De Biasio

Lyrics Gil Helmick. Melanie De Biasio

Images Melanie De Biasio

Artistic director & producer Melanie De Biasio

All rights reserved Melanie De Biasio. Cyclamen



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