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Past exhibition

Terminé le 16.05.21

Peter H. Waterschoot. Sunset Memory

Peter H. Waterschoot invites us to take a still journey, woven in the composite tale of a strange night unfolding in dimly lit, confined spaces, and also the town that serves as their host.
For three or four consecutive days, while he was staying in Ostend, Brussels, Venice, Osaka or Berlin, Peter H. Waterschoot, like a recluse, photographed the signs of time and absence in desolate bedrooms, corridors, lounges and dance halls ... Here and there, we catch a glimpse of forsaken beds and armchairs, faded wallpapers, abandoned glasses and stopped alarm clocks. Peter H. Waterschoot does not reveal to us only the hypothetical tale of mysterious intervals spent waiting in closed places, he is also the indiscreet onlooker of deserted streets, illuminated by a bleak light.

The exhibition will present photographs taken from his previous series At the Skin of Time but also from his more recent series Sunset Memory. These pictures were taken between 2012 and 2020.

Blood red, blue or yellow, his photographs powdered with subtle shades accentuate the nostalgic and even melancholic character of an absent presence. Sometimes comforting, they betray nevertheless a feeling of unease, of tension.


Peter H. Waterschoot was born in Ghent, in Belgium, in 1969. He studied photography at the Academy of Ghent, in 2009.

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