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Past exhibition

Terminé le 16.05.21

Présenté dans laBoite Noire

Traunstein. Julie Gasemi / Nicolas Dufranne


“Claire discovers that she appears in a poor quality film found on the internet. She sees herself at the window of her house, accompanied by a man she does not know. They look like they are in love. She decides to set out in search of that stranger, towards Traunstein.”

Statement of intent

“Traunstein” is a fiction. 

The characters are caught up in a narrative which seems to repeat itself indefinitely.
A relationship is woven between them, a fine thread, mainly composed of stories told.
The dialogues are said in an invented language (translated in subtitles), conjuring up a foreign geography, a distant country, which does, however, seem familiar.
A guiding thread emerges, the love of a woman for a man of whom she has seen only the picture.

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Visuel exposition
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