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Nowadays, companies wish to leave a legacy through their financial impact but they also want to leave a human legacy. Art, culture and heritage are time-honoured values displaying social and societal commitment for companies wishing to build a strong identity.
Join with us in a structural way or on an ad-hoc basis to ...

  • Redefine your company’s values

  • Create a specific project

  • Organise an exhibition

  • Share a passion

  • Make a commitment to future exhibitions

  • Be a partner to a specific topic or project

  • Raise your customers’ awareness of culture

  • Associate your staff with a cultural project

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Choose the status that matches you best as regards your profile, the proposed benefits and the subscription.

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Financial gifts, donation, bequests … The museum of photography thanks you for all the expressions of appreciation, support and recognition over the last 30 years. Do not allow our history to disappear ! Like many charitable institutions, the museum of photography is investing in the future with a memory for the past. the gift is a means for you to get involved and initiate your involvement in the future.

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Every partnership / membership may be complemented by an additional gift separate from the subscription. Gifts are tax deductible from EUR 40.
Any gift shall be paid separately from the subscription with the reference: “Surname-First name+Gift”

Our values, our commitment … As an entrepreneur for the future, the Museum :

Conserves and increases :

Its collections every year and these collections number 8,000,000 negatives and 80,000 photographs.

Supports and encourages :

  1. The development and the recognition of artists through the purchase and the presentation of works.
  2. Young people through educational, creative and historical workshops.
  3. The social sphere through internships allowing training and social reintegration.
  4. Nature and animal conservation in its 2-acre grounds containing some varieties of trees and many animals finding refuge there (various species of wildcats, birds, hedgehogs, insects, etc.).
  5. Local, regional, national and international heritage through photographical projects around Charleroi.
  6. Photographs through its Open National Photography Prize offering young Belgian photographers the opportunity to be recognised and exhibited for a whole season within the Museum.