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Past exhibition

Terminé le 20.09.20

René Magritte. Les images révélées

The discovery of photographs by René Magritte in the seventies, ten years after the painter’s death, shed new light on his creative process and the close links that he maintained with the “mechanical image”, whether it involved photography or cinematography. Other pictures have appeared since then, taken from the albums of his family and friends, which come and complement the study of the painting-photograph relationship in René Magritte’s work, but also the influence of cinema, an art of which Magritte was fond, as much as he was keen on popular literature.

Composed of 131 original photographs, mostly created by René Magritte, and a chapter containing his home movies staging himself and his accomplices, the exhi- bition “René Magritte. The revealing image” questions Magritte’s relationship with the mechanical image while drawing connections with his work and further revealing a private side of Magritte.

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